Deckhand Shirt-Navy-Plaid

100% cotton

"We are an Able-Seaman,
A Deckhand.
It’s the Way to See the World,
And Get Paid for It."

This long sleeve shirt is really suitable for both on-duty sea-explorin life and off-duty casual errand. The fabric itself is a 1x1 oxford woven in plaid pattern. The fabric has just the right amount of color combination that made it stand out yet easy on the eyes. A lighter shirting fabric perfect for sailing through the ocean in the middle of blazing sun.

One of the features than can be easily seen is the naval signature collar, which is indeed a shawl collar. The shirt utilized a double front pocket style with clossure. Side gusset was also used for this sea-sailin’ shirt to make it even more long lasting to face day-to-day uncertainty life in the middle of the sea. The button used  is made from a natural mother pearl. Aeshetically beautiful yet undoubtedly solid.


- Locally-sourced plaid oxford fabric
- Navy base with white stripes
- 100% cotton
- Light weight fabric
- Regular shape
- Shawl collar
- Double front pocket
- Curved front and back yoke
- Side gusset
- Mother pearl buttons

Sizing Chart

IDR 349.000
IDR 296.650