The Right-man

100% cotton

"I'm one tough Gazookus

Which hates all Palookas

Wot ain't on the up and square

I biffs 'em and buffs 'em

And always out roughs 'em

But none of 'em gets nowhere

Oh, I'm Old-Salt the Right Man"

This graphic printed short-sleeve shirt is really suitable for any sailor casual errand who want to lay on low tide and out of the radar. The fabric itself is a beautiful light weight chambray woven fabric. Constructed using slub yarns surely made it a nifty yet distinct kind of fabric. The uneven textures and its yarn’s color are really reminiscing the high and low waves of the deep blue sea.

The shirt utilized a double front pocket style with one-sided clossure. Side gusset was also used for this sea-sailin’ shirt to make it even more long lasting to face day-to-day uncertainty life in the middle of the sea. The button used  is made from a natural mother pearl. Aeshetically beautiful yet undoubtedly solid. Righteous shirt only for righteuos man.


  • Locally-sourced chambray fabric
  • Greyish sky-blue color
  • 100% cotton
  • Light weight fabric
  • Regular shape
  • Regular pointed collar
  • Double front pocket
  • Left snapped pocket
  • Curved back yoke
  • Side gusset
  • Mother pearl buttons

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