The Conqueror

100% cotton

Master diver is the highest enlisted diving position in the Navy. The Navy diver works in extreme conditions, performing various underwater tasks ranging from underwater ship repair, underwater salvage and special operations / special warfare type diving.

This t-shirt was made using locally sourced medium weight 100% cotton knitting fabric. The graphic itself is made using a water-based screen-print ink, merged-in very well with the base fabric. Still applying the signature detail, which is the binded tape collar style. Making it more durable for your daily on duty storm-facing wave-crumbling life.

The t-shirt also utilized a flat-lock seam technique. The Flat-lock seam is applied in every main seaming part. As there are no layers to the underside and the seam is butted together, making a less friction and fewer layers to chafe. Very suitable for any highly active and agile sailors.


  • Locally-sourced knitting fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • Medium-weight t-shirt fabric
  • White color
  • Discharge print
  • Regular shape
  • Bind tape collar style
  • Flat lock seam tecnique

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