The Naval Billfold - Navy

Indonesian Vegetable Tanned Leather

"The Best Naval Advice;

Keep your treasure safe while sailing! Combining the two most essential elements for the elbow-greasing sailor, rough textured natural canvas and fine solid natural vegetable tanned leather. Both of the main materials are proudly made and sourced here from Indonesian’s Archipelago.

One of the distinct details that made this wallet is the gallant front-snaps. That specific hardware that The Old-Salt sourced directly from Japan, solid brass material, duo-stud snap button system. Not to forget anchor enamel logo to reflect his true blue blood.

Inspired by the original vintage USN utility wallet, The Old-Salt decided to do a hot-foil silver stamping on top of the wallet’s front slot. Resulting in a precise yet discrete detail. To add more signature details, there’s a hand-punched brogues on the 'wavy' card slot. It's substantively an initial ~ B.

And as for the overall construction, The Old-Salt decide to play a little bit with two-tone stitching technique, to make a distinct signature color both from inside and outside. The exact same technique and detail he used in the denim trouser goods. Constructed using lockstitch sewing machine, resulting a clean yet highly durable wallet.


- Milled in Indonesia navy vegetable tanned leather
- Milled in Indonesia navy slub canvas for outer lining and card slot
- Made in Japan brass snap buttons with anchor enamel logo
- 6 main card slots
- 2 hidden card slots
- 1 signature selvedge card slot
- Hot-foil silver stamping logo
- Hand stamped ink logo
- Signature ‘wavy’ front card slot
- Hand-punched brogues detail
- Machine lock-stitch construction

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