The Off Duty III Shirt

100% Cotton

This off duty shirt modeled after U.S Navy E-6 service uniform who’d been wore by junior enlisted navy in the USA, While the original ones must using khaki & white colorway, The Navy Service Uniform is a year-round service uniform to withstand day-to-day classroom and office-like environments where the service uniform is typically worn.


Just like it’s predecessor, this shirt features a surfing scene patterns on white. It screams summer all over this garment. Also, did you know, the Old-Salt and his crew sometimes going out surfing when they docked somewhere with great beaches on it? Surf’s up!


It also features double front chest pocket that serve a functions for carriers Old-salt rum bottle and his cigarettes


  • Locally-sourced Cotton/Rayon blend fabric
  • Sunset House print
  • White base colorway
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Natural coconut buttons
  • Notched fold over collar
  • Boxy hem line shape
  • Double chest pocket with closure

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