The C.W.U Jacket

100% Cotton

[The CWU Jacket - Civilian Work Uniform]
Land Ho!
Old Salt's sailing crew landed on a port in a small town where it resides within a mile with mining caves and like usual, the crew quickly became friends with them miners and the workers after downing some pints! They bring back to shore some of the workin' uniform them elbow-greasin' lads wore! They said it looks and feels sturdy enough to be worn on daily voyage.
Made with the the Old Salt's specifications, and the ol' trusty 13,75 Oz. selvedge denim, this working uniform bears anchors on its double pleats, also functions like the real anchors, toughly locks it in!
With comfortable silhouette and deck jacket inspired front pockets, this rough and tough working dungaree will endure your days of daily voyage! 



* 13.75 Oz Denim Fabric MIT

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IDR 950.000