The Sea-Monster

100% Bamboo Fiber Cotton

The Blue Whale is the biggest creature ever to have lived on our mother-earth. The myth is that the gigantic creature often attacked ancient sailors when they had an encounters. But a myth is just a myth after all. It’s proven that the Blue Whale is highly social and gentle giant sea creature. When a blue giant becomes the main engine for the giant ship, they’ll become nothing but UNSTOPPABLE!

This t-shirt was made using light-weight 100% cotton from bamboo fiber. Bamboo cotton material is famous with its silky smooth hand-feel. And the other positive note on the bamboo cotton material is that it has a natural anti-bacteria contents.


- Locally-sourced Knitting Fabric
- 100% Bamboo Cotton
- Light-weight T-shirt Fabric
- Dark Navy Color
- Silky Smooth Hand-feel
- Natural Anti-bacteria
- Plastisol Print
- Regular Shape
- Bind Collar Style

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