The Camp Shirt - Navy Woven Sashiko

100% Cotton - Sashiko Pattern

Between boxy and fitted cut open-collar shirt serving as the silhouette, long sleeve to keep you sleek-yet-suitable for any occasion , and the look has been kept rugged with large front pockets, taken its inspo from old military uniform and shirtings.
We are using the classic woven/sashiko pattern fabric for it's shell, a historic sewing technique used to repair well worn sections of traditional kimonos, but early on was adopyed as a way of also decorating pattern on garments.
This one comes in deep navy blue with contrast white pattern, to keep you subtle and low-key, but also attentive to details. Cuff your hem and you'll see the beautiful backside of the garment! Also reveal it to make a contrast pattern on your shirt.


* Locally-sourced Cotton Fabric
* White Woven Sashiko Detail
* Navy base colorway
* Lightweight fabric
* Natural Shell buttons
* Notched fold over collar
* Boxy hem line shape
* Double chest pocket with closure

Sizing Chart

IDR 350.000