The Holy-Anchor

100% Bamboo Fiber Cotton

Anchor is one of the most vital elements when it comes to sailing world. Anchor is the one who holds the ship in place with its strength. The one who keep it all together. That’s why we put a high regard on an anchor, and becoming a holy entity for us.

This t-shirt was made using light-weight 100% cotton from bamboo fiber. Bamboo cotton material is famous with its silky smooth hand-feel. And the other positive note on the bamboo cotton material is that it has a natural anti-bacteria contents.


- Locally-sourced Knitting Fabric
- 100% Bamboo Cotton
- Light-weight T-shirt Fabric
- White Color
- Silky Smooth Hand-feel
- Natural Anti-bacteria
- Plastisol Print
- Regular Shape
- Bind Collar Style

Sizing Chart

IDR 199.000
IDR 169.150