The Tropic Jacket - Olive Drab

100% Cotton

Ahoy, sailors! We just put to sea from a tropical island with them jungles and big trees, and a good friend there just gave us his old trusty jungle jacket, which the Old Salt just felt comfy wearing it on hot and humid weather, and a breezy cold weather too!
This jacket was worn by the US Navy and the US Army during Vietnam war and the thin cotton was ideal to wear in order to withstand the tropical climate in warmer regions, the jacket has four large front pockets that are generously shaped in order to store plenty of necessities.
The two chest pockets are slanted which makes them easier to reach into, a detail that's commonly used on original vintage military garments where the wearer might be occupied with one hand.
One can almost say that this jacket is right in-between a shirt and a jacket, making it just perfect to wear as a layering garment on colder days or as a thinner jacket during the warm days.


  • 100% cotton
  • Four large front pockets
  • Overlapped at the front buttons for extra protection
  • Pre washed and won't shrink

Sizing Chart

IDR 550.000