About Us

When the voyager meets the hard worker,
To the sea! Let us echo the thunder roar.
Expertising skills, crafting experiences,
To the sea! Let us sail the mighty oceans.

The sunny breeze ocean winds,
Our heated passion in straight sailings.
The charm of radiance night,
We jaunt skillfully in the open tide

To the sea! Prove the strength of our anchor!

Put your trust on who you traveling with, but put your life and soul on who you sailing with.

Started out from just a gabble talk in the sea-side afternoon, Blue Muscle Union was deliberately born. Inspired by sailing heritage back in 20th century, from the elbow-greasing-sailors who live their life in the middle of vast ocean – surrounded by giant waves, we embed the core value of the old salt’s saying,

– Smooth sea never made a skillful sailor-
– Solid ropes – mighty anchors, let’s ride oh noble sailors!-